If you suspect abuse call 1-800-252-5400

Protective Parenting

Dad staring at his smiling babyThis workshop seeks to empower parents and caregivers to keep their children better protected from abuse. This training will address common misconceptions about abuse and reasons that children often fail to disclose abuse. Participants will learn facts about child abuse, how to talk to your kids about abuse and personal safety, strategies for reducing risk of abuse, how to recognize the physical and behavioral signs of the varying forms of abuse, and how to respond appropriately.

Training is free, lasts one hour and is available at any location. This training is ideal for parents of elementary school-age students and younger, but is beneficial to anyone.

For information on any of our community education opportunities, please contact Community Educator Sarah Pierson at spierson@caccollincounty.org or at 972-633-6743.

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