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Adopt a Child

Anglo girl winter hat BW WEBEach year, the Adopt a Child program provides an individual child with their holiday wishes. Each child submits up to three “wishes” which are then provided to a donor. This offers the chance to shop for an individual child.

Commitment Level: $1​25

Interested in adoptin​g one or more children for the Holiday Project? Email holidayproject@caccollincounty.org to be connected.
***If you have not received a​ response to your email within 48 hours, please check your junk mail as some people have been finding their ​gift requests there.***

Who are the children benefiting from Adopt-A-Child?

Children in the Adopt-A-Child Program are clients of the Children’s Advocacy Center of Collin County (CACCC) who are living with relatives, in foster homes or in-patient Residential Treatment Centers (RTCs) or​ who are currently receiving services through CACCC's Family Assistance and Family Advocacy programs. All the children benefiting from Adopt-A-Child have been victims of child abuse or neglect.

When do children receive their gifts?

Once the gifts have been returned to the CACCC, they are given to the children's caseworkers. Caseworkers deliver and/or mail gifts to the children's caregivers so that they are received in time for the holiday.

The label lists the child’s three gift requests, the child’s sizes for clothes/shoes, and the child’s interests. Do I have to buy everything on the list?

No, these lists are gifts requested by your child. Their clothing/shoe sizes and interests are included to provide you more information about the child. We recommend $125.00 be spent on each child. If one gift alone reaches the referenced amount, please do not feel obligated to purchase other gifts listed. Please fulfill your child’s gift requests to the best of your ability.

Should I wrap the gifts?

No, please return the gifts unwrapped so that caregivers may present them to the children. This allows the caregiver to have the dignity of participating in the holiday and providing an enjoyable holiday for the children.

Gift cards seem very impersonal. Why are they requested?

As much as teenagers appreciate the gestures attempted by adults, they typically enjoy selecting their own gifts for the holidays. We also utilize gift cards for children who are in foster homes, shelters, and Residential Treatment Centers out of the DFW area. 

​When and where do I drop off the gifts?

Holiday Project donations will be accepted from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Dec. ​8 - Dec. 9 at 2205 Los Rios Blvd., Plano, Texas. Gifts should be UNWRAPPED so that CACCC staff can easily locate the item and make sure it is received by the right child or family.

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