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2016 Event Photos

aslphotography. net (54)

aslphotography. net (54)

by Sarah Pierson | 04 Oct, 2016


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  1. Zak Newman | Feb 20, 2017
    Usually I like to observe. I do enjoy watching after people, observe their reaction in the different situations, what makes them smile, what makes feel bad. From time to time I make photos and ask https://breezewriting.com/speech-writing/ to write something for me about those photos. That's always interesting experiment and experience, try it.
  2. Kelly | Dec 08, 2016
    Photography in motion is the most difficult photo. It takes at least 2000 pics to choose the one that's a fit to the magazine or a newspaper. I usually complete presentations of photography and write my paper for school to show the advantages of motions photos.

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