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How We Help

boy-toddler-on-swing-BWOur mission is to provide safety, healing and justice for children victimized by abuse or neglect in Collin County. We accomplish our mission in the following ways.

Core Services:

Forensic Interviews

A Forensic Interview is a legally justifiable, fact-finding interview with a child conducted by a specially trained professional at the request of law enforcement or Child Protective Services. Forensic Interviews are designed to allow children to disclose abuse to a neutral party in a child-friendly setting. Our interviews are conducted blind and are observed by law enforcement and CPS. Although the video recording itself is not typically admissible in court due to hearsay rules, the interview must meet certain legal criteria, including establishing competency and identifying the interview date, start and stop time, and location.

Family Advocacy & Support Services

Non-offending family members must have support in order to protect their children and rebuild their lives. The Center’s Family Advocacy and Support Services Department is designed to meet short and long-term needs of non-offending caregivers by providing a consistent person clients can rely on to resolve concerns, provide information and refer them to needed resources in the community. Family Advocate Interns are a critical part of this social work program, allowing the Center to leverage every dollar spent.


Utilizing evidenced-based, trauma-informed interventions, our clinical staff provides child victims and their non-offending family members the chance to heal from abuse through a variety of therapeutic approaches. We provide individual, group and family sessions utilizing activities, play, art and music in addition to traditional therapeutic approaches.

Our clinical department comprises 13 staff members, all of whom are professional counselors or clinical social workers and licensed by the state of Texas. As a teaching facility, we also work with graduate level counseling and social work interns who are closely supervised to provide professional, high quality therapeutic services.

All CACCC services are available in both English and Spanish to meet the needs of our diverse community.

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